Backpack with Confidence

We will help you become a safe, prepared, and resilient backpacker so you can be ready for whatever nature might throw your way!

Struggling to Start Backpacking?

Taking the first step in the backcountry can be hard. There’s a lot to figure out from trip planning, outdoor basics, and gear. Plus, overcoming common fears like getting lost, sleeping in the wild, animal safety, or running out of food.

If you’re struggling to start backpacking, you’re at the right place. We’ve been in your shoes (or boots) before and felt the frustration and uncertainty, that comes with trip planning and getting out on trail.

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Why We’re Backpackers

Hey glad you’re here! We’re Adrian and Lissy, the two hikers behind the scenes. When we went on our first backpacking trip, we had no idea that it would change our life entirely. We were looking for an escape from our day-to-day jobs. Which we found but also found much more along the way.

Here at Great Minds Think Hike (GMTH) we want to make backpacking more accessible and provide reliable information for new backpackers. Our purpose is to guide you to become a prepared and resilient backpacker so you can be ready for the backcountry.