Ready to Start Backpacking?

We will teach you the knowledge, skills, and gear you need to be a confident and self-sufficient backpacker so you can be ready for whatever nature throws your way!

Where to Begin

Backpacking can be scary at first especially if you are new to it. After all there is a lot to figure out from trip planning, equipment, meals, first aid/safety, and navigation.

Maybe you are thinking about backpacking but feel overwhelmed about the trip planning. Possibly it is fear of being unprepared that is stopping you to try backpacking. There could be a lot of reasons, but we can help!

Explore With Us

Hiking Skills

We provide practical knowledge for hiking and backpacking so you can be prepared on your next hiking or backpacking trip.

Gear & Packing Prep

Get ready for your next trip by checking our gear reviews and plan with our hiking and backpacking gear checklists.

Trail Guides

Learn about some of our favorite trails for day hikes and backpacking.

We’re Adrian & Lissy

Here our mission is to make getting outdoors more accessible to others. We strive to be a resource that provides essential information to help everyday people get into hiking and backpacking.