30 Amazing Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers

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The best gifts for outdoor adventurers, junkies, and nature lovers in your life are those gifts that improve or make those outdoor experiences safer and more fun. 

If you’re looking for the latest and best gifts for an outdoor adventurer. This list has been well crafted to contain many neat gifts for those outdoorsy people in your life. While there are quite a lot of gifts out there in this guide, we are focusing on various gift ideas for people who are campers, hikers, backpackers, trail runners, and just general outdoor lovers.

30 Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers 

This gift guide includes items that will keep an outdoors lover happy all year long. From hiking boots to camping gear, these gifts will help them enjoy the great outdoors.

1. Wise Owl Camping Hammock 

Super easy to set up this camping hammock is great for those times when you want to just relax and sleep under the stars. This camping hammock works for minimalist style camping. It is very lightweight and easy to pack. It hardly weighs anything but 240z which is great for carrying in a hiking bag. Comes in a single or two-person hammock and these hammocks are built to last made with sturdy nylon. 

2. Adasion HD Binoculars 

Having a set of binoculars can making outdoor watching a piece of cake and safer. These binoculars are lightweight only weighing about 1lb and deliver a clear view from more than 650 feet away. They work well in low light using BAK4 prism lens to help take in more light during those darker times of the day. They are not completely night vision however they will work well for those times prior to golden hour or blue hour. These pair of binoculars come with a phone adapter that allows the user to take zoomed in photos of wildlife. 

3. Spike Ball 

Looking for an awesome outdoor game then you have to give Spike Ball a try. Spikeball is a great game for outdoor adventurers because it can be played everywhere. Overall, Spikeball is super easy to learn and set up is really simple. All it takes to setup Spikeball is the one ball, net, and it stores well into a small carrying bag. 

4. GCI Outdoor Style Rocker Chair 

GCI Rocker chair is a great chair for campers it is very portable easy to fold up. The Rocker chair is super comfortable and breathable with mesh layer on the back to promote good breathability. GCI Rocker chair is not your standard camping chair. 

5.Outdoor Products Mountain Duffle 

Duffle bags are very useful for bringing clothes, gear, and more into your camping or outdoor adventures. Outdoor Products mountain duffle bag is very spacious and also highly sturdy. This duffel bag is made with 600 denier polyester with makes it durable and easy to clean. 


BUFF’s  have always been one of our favorite outdoor items, they serve so many purposes from face coverings to additional head warmth. Buffs are super versatile and can be worn 12 different ways. There are also many options of Buff’s from breathable, wool, UV blocking, and more. Buffs are a great choice for any outdoor adventurer and their versatility in use means the sky is the limit. 

7. Marmot Men’s PreCip Jacket 

Marmot’s PreCip Jacket is a fantastic a good jacket that is lightweight, sturdy, and water resistant. It is comfortable and features an adjustable hood and chin guard for added warmth around the neck. This jacket is made up of waterproofing fabric designed to keep the wearer dry during storms and wet conditions. The jacket is fairly breathable for a rain jacket allowing the wearer to feel protected in the elements while also staying comfortable and dry.

8. Columbia Benton Springs Vest  

This fleece vest by Columbia is effective for soft warmth and is a great option for mid layering. The Columbia Benton Springs vest offers classic fit and is lightweight while also being durable. It is made up of 100% polyester designed to be durable while also maintaining comfort. Other features that this vest offers are two zippered hand pockets and an interior drawcord adjustable hem for tailored fit. 

9. Baleaf Fleece Lined Winter Legging 

The Baleaf Fleece Lined Winter leggings are made up of 87% polyester and 13% spandex to provide a durable, breathable, and comfortable fit. These pants are warm and feature water resistance to help trap heat while also staying dry. Great for all outdoor activities from running to hiking, these fleece lined winter leggings from Baleaf will keep those legs warm.

10. Darn Tough Socks 

Darn Tough has made some of the most reliable and durable hiking socks on the market. Made in the US these socks feature a unique fabric blend of mostly nylon and wool giving it good breathability while also having durability. The cushion is definitely well made and placed in places that matter. Preventing the wearer’s feet from getting super sore. This sock manages to keep the foot warm in the winter and breathable enough to keep it cooler in the summer. 

11. Maxtop fanny pack 

The Maxtop Fanny Pack is awesome for outdoor travelers and features multiple pockets for storing personal items. Features many color options which is a plus. Also, has many options for item storage which we always look for in a fanny or backpack.  Highly versatile can be used for hiking, camping, and traveling. And it is sure to last long made with durable and water-resistant material. 

12. Eddie Bauer Bristol Flannel Shirt 

It’s hard to beat a comfy and cozy flannel shirt when in the outdoors. And this flannel from Eddie Bauer is a great gift for the outdoors. This flannel is 100% soft cotton. Which makes it very soft and great for layering for comfort. IT comes in various colors and has a single pocket which is a nice touch for storing small things like ChapStick. 

13. Carhartt Men’s Base Force Midweight Classic Crew

Excellent reasonably priced base layer. It is fully synthetic made with 100% polyester but it great for keeping you warm and wicking sweat during any outdoor venture. The Carhartt Base force midweight crew is very comfortable due to tag less design and the waffle knitting. Midweight feels fairly similar in weight to other base layers in the market. While also being thin enough for easy layering. 

14. Wooly Merino Wool Boxer Brief 

The Wooly Merino boxer briefs are great for adventurers, they provide support while also being moisture wicking and breathable. These are 100% merino wool while also staying fairly reasonably priced. Material is excellent at fighting odors, so they stay stink free. Overall, very comfortable and easy to move in. With extended use they do tend to feel a bit looser though that is somewhat common with full merino wool-based clothing. 

15. Prana Stretch Zion Pants 

These pants are some of the best pants for outdoor use. They are durable while offering stretch due to the small percentage of spandex in the fabric. They pants are mostly made up of Nylon offering a durable while also breathable feel. The fit is a bit snug, but this also makes them a somewhat good pair of pants for indoor use as well as outdoor. 

16. Hydroflask 

This water bottle is great for keeping those beverages cool on those hot days and also keeping them warm on those colder ones. Hydroflask uses sustainable practices when manufacturing their water bottles in addition to slip resistant coating, so they don’t sweat and slip out of your hands on the go. While excelling at keeping beverages cool this bottle are also very sturdy and designed to last. 

17. Coleman Sundome Tent 

When it comes to tents, Coleman has been in the game for a while. The Sundome tent has been designed to be weatherproof, with welded corners and inverted seams to keep water out. Also, it has been tested to be durable against strong winds while also providing a window for increased air flow. The Coleman Sundome is a great tent for campers because it has one unique feature. It keeps more sunlight out and works better at keeping the tent cool or heat inside. 

18. Lifestraw 

While being one of the early pioneers of filtration straws. This is a cool and useful straw that can be used to filter water out of streams and other water sources. While I have never had to emergently use one it is a bit of ease of mind to have one just in case. The Lifestraw like most other filtration devices filters 99.9% of bacteria, dirt, and debris from water. This lightweight filtration device is easy to carry and works well when needed.

19. Trail Buddy Trekking Poles 

Some of the most reasonably priced and surprisingly durable trekking poles I have found on the market. While these are not the top-of-the-line trekking poles out there these are very good. They were created by a small family-based company. Are fairly lightweight and definitely sturdy, they come with multiple tips, baskets, and a little guide for sizing. Overall, an excellent choice for trekking poles that won’t break the bank. 

20. Jetboil Flash Camping Stove

This camping stove from Jetboil, is great for those longer trips where weight matters and you want to make a quick meal on the go. Super lightweight and simplistic push button is what makes the Jetboil camping stove great. It can heat up water quick and almost instantly and it also comes with many other attachments to customize it to the user’s needs. Overall, the Jetboil is a make for one of the best gifts for outdoor adventurers.

21. Hikenture Camping Pillow 

A highly versatile pillow that can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities. This pillow really does well in packability, lightweight, and comfort. It is air based so if you don’t like air-based pillows this one probably won’t be for you. However, with that being said this is probably the most comfortable air pillow we’ve tried. This pillow packs down really small to the size of about a soda can. It only weighs about 5.6 ounces making it great option for backpacking. The cover is removable which makes it nice for cleaning up after uses. 

22. Coleman Gas Stove Triton 2 burner 

The Coleman gas stove is the classic camp stove on the market that has been around forever. This one is a bit of an upgrade from previous Coleman models as it features more accurate adjustable heat regulation. Previous Colemans would either scorch your food or take forever to cook it, this is a pleasant change. The Coleman Triton camp stove remains highly packable and easy to fold closed and open for setup. Overall, makes a great option for campers and outdoor lovers alike. 

23. Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad 

This pad by Big Agnes is light weight, easy to store, and provides insulated warmth to retain heat during backpacking nights. It is lightweight weighing 28 ounces. It has a R-value of 4.5 making it a 3-season pad but good for cool weather when matched with a good sleeping bag around 20-30F insulation. 

24. Garmin Instinct 

This watch by Garmin is an excellent sport watch with extreme military grade durability and smart watch features. The biggest highlight is the extended battery life lasting up to 14 days on a charge and even longer with the solar panel feature. The watch is super lightweight and easy to use. Works well as a general fitness watch and can be paired to a phone. Has the most reliable GPS features for a watch that we’ve tried. 

25. Osprey Duro/Dina 1.5

Osprey Duro/Dina is a great pack for the trails. Lightweight and provides enough room for those shorter walks or even trail runs. This light pack offers many features. It can fit a smaller 1.5L hydration bladder, offers snug shoulder straps to minimize bounce during trail runs and nature walks. Has multiple easy to reach pockets for storage and an attachment for storing trekking poles. 

26. Biolite HeadLamp 330 

This biolite sits flat on your forehead which allows it to fit snugly and not bounce around when on the go. It is also made with a moisture wicking fabric in addition to being rechargeable, so you don’t need to carry those batteries around. The best thing about having a headlamp is it allows the user to free up the use of their hands! Also, if you’re planning on doing any hiking at night this is a much have. 

27. Stanley Base Camp Cook Set for 4 

This cook set by Stanley includes 21 pieces that are tough, and durable made with stainless steel that is scratch proof, rust proof, and designed to last. All 21 pieces are compact and able to fit together to save space for camping. This camp cook set is an excellent set of gifts for outdoor campers and lovers wanting to make Dutch oven recipes to simply frying up some eggs on a skillet. 

28. Solar Power Bank

If you’re planning on brining your phone in the outdoors, then having a solar power bank can be a game changer. With phones now playing such a big role in our lives and having so many apps available for safety and trail mapping in the outdoors. Having a power bank will extend the life of our phones and make being in the outdoors more enjoyable. And during an emergency situation its very helpful to have a way to charge your phone if needed to. Overall, this is one of the best gifts for outdoor safety.

29. Heybike Explore Electric Bike 

This bike is a fun gift to have for exploring off roading trails or just making a commute easier in town. The Explore electric bike offers an easy step through donning position. It also features fat tires which are useful for traversing through various rough terrains. This electric mountain bike is basically ready to go once you get it and makes for a fun gift

30. RAINLEAF microfiber Towel 

The Rainleaf microfiber towel is one of the best outdoor towels out there. Microfiber towels are super useful for the outdoors because they are lightweight, they pack easily, super absorbent, and quick drying. They work well for all kinds of uses from camping trips to just hanging out on the beach. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this rounds up of these gifts for outdoor adventurers will help you find gifts for the loved ones in your life. If you find any awesome ideas or any other gifts for outdoor adventurers, we should try or missed please leave a comment down below and we’ll get to it! As always worry less and get outdoors.

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