Why we Are Backpackers

Hey there, we are excited to have you here! Great Minds Think Hike was created from our passion to explore the great outdoors and the belief that nature can transform lives.

Our why, is to inspire everyday people like you to get outdoors. It has become our purpose to teach, share, and ultimately contribute to a world where people cherish and protect the beauty of our natural landscapes, one step at a time.

Adrian & Lissy standing on Handies Peak Summit

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Meet The Team

Adrian Todd

Adrian is the founder of Great Minds Think Hike and is an active member of the Ozark Trail Association which maintains 430 miles of trails in his home state.

He has several years of expertise trail running, hiking, backpacking, and camping. And is highly committed to sharing information to help everybody get outdoors.

He has an in-depth knowledge on outdoor gear, from old time classics to new modern gear out there. And stays up to date so he can always be a reliable source for others.

In his free time, you can always find him outside whether its hiking, trail running, camping, or fishing.

Lissy Todd

Lissy’s role varies from photography, gear testing, and making travel guides. She is an experienced traveler and has been all over the states, overseas, and to various National Parks.

She also has multiple years of experience in camping and hiking in various places. She is excellent at researching reasonably priced but highly functional outdoor gear.

She enjoys looking for local coffee, bakery, and dessert shops. And spending time outdoors whether it be hiking, mountaineering, or hanging at camp.

Keeping In Touch

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