Hey there, we are excited to have you here! Great Minds Think Hike was created from our passion to explore the great outdoors and the belief that nature can transform lives.

Our mission is to inspire everyday people like you to get outdoors. It’s our purpose to lead, educate, and ultimately contribute to a world where people cherish and protect the beauty of our natural landscapes, one step at a time.

Here at Great Minds Think Hike we are centered around the core principles of accessibility, education, and engagement. We achieve our mission by providing detailed trail guides, expert advice learned from our past mistakes, and informative articles that cater to hikers of all levels.

We foster a supportive community, encourage responsible practices, and ensure that every person is equipped to explore the trails with confidence and knowledge. Whether the trails lead you to unfamiliar places far from civilization or even in your own backyard.

Our commitment to providing valuable, user-friendly resources is how we translate our passion for nature into actionable and empowering experiences for our community.

Welcome to Great Minds Think Hike your one – stop shop for everything hiking and backpacking.

Adrian & Lissy standing on Handies Peak Summit

Who We Are

Adrian Todd

Adrian serves as the founder of Great Minds Think Hike. He believes that spending time in nature can have a profound impact on your health. By providing an escape to the daily hustle and bustle and improving the health of the mind and the body.

By trade Adrian is a licensed occupational therapist with a background in Health Promotion and Wellness. He is an active member of the Ozark Trail Association which helps maintain the 390 mile Ozark Trail.

Adrian has traveled to various places due to previously working as a travel therapist. During his free time away from work he enjoys testing gear out on the trails, trail running, fishing, and camping.

Lissy Todd

Lissy is Adrian’s life partner and serves as a staff writer and photographer for Great Minds Think Hike. Lissy believes in cherishing experiences and not things.

Memories and moments have an everlasting impact, and they teach you many valuable lessons. Some of Lissy’s favorite memories have been climbing Angel’s Landing, summiting Handies Peak, and hiking the Sawtooth’s.

By trade Lissy works as a registered nurse. But, on her days off she enjoys reading about history, studying plants, and wildlife. She is always excited to see where the next adventure takes her.

Here are some places we’ve been featured in!

Keeping In Touch

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