Decathlon MT100 Down Jacket Review

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There are a lot of down jackets out there on the market varying from low to high price ranges. In this review we put a well-known budget jacket, the Decathlon Forclaz MT100 down jacket (formerly the forclaz trek 100) to the test in various conditions out on the trails in a collective review developed with almost two years of testing.

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Price: $99.99
  • Weight: 11 oz (size L)
  • Fabric: 15 Denier Polyamide
  • Fill: Down 800 fill power


  • Great all-around features
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio


  • Runs small, I wear a size larger than usual.

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Our Take: All around the Decathlon MT100 Down Puffer is an excellent bargain. This jacket is easily one of the best deals you can find for a down insulated jacket. I have yet to find a better priced jacket with the amount of features this jacket has on the market yet. The MT100 down puffer is up there with the top insulation jackets in the market and will easily keep you warm in as low as 25-degree Fahrenheit temps. I was surprised by the abundance of features of the jacket and the comfort and even more surprised by the price.

Performance: Decathlon Forclaz MT 100 Down Jacket

When we put any piece of gear to the test, we like to think about what factors are important to us and what others might want to know. When testing down jackets we believe factors like comfort, warmth, weight, packability, features, and water resistance are the most important factors. So, during our testing out on the trails these were the factors we kept in mind and jotted notes about.

Wearing a X-Large Decathlon MT100 Down Jacket


When assessing comfort, we thoughtfully considered the fit of the jacket and tried to find any concerning factors. First, thing that came to my mind was the sizing which is a slight con but can be avoided if you know up front. The Decathlon Forclaz MT100 runs slightly small.

During my testing I actually wore a size large and an extra-large to really feel the differences between the sizes out on the trails and when layering. I would highly recommend sizing up a size if you plan on layering another layer underneath. And if you plan on layering at least two layers you might want to size up two sizes up to accommodate.

Once you get past the sizing, there are really no significant cons with comfort in the Decathlon MT 100. The fit feels nice and the cinch cord eliminates any potential cold draft from blowing into the bottom of the jacket. One other feature I really liked about the jacket were the sleeves and how they were recessed to allow coverage over gloves. And the oversized hood opening was another pro in our book as well.

Cinch cord feature


The one thing I found most surprising about this jacket was the 800 RDS fill power as most higher end jackets that easily cost 2-3 times as much come with about 800 fill power. During my testing out on the trails I could really notice the quality of the fill in the jacket. The forclaz trek 100 felt warm in toasty in various cold conditions. The coldest temperature I took the MT100 in was about 27 degrees Fahrenheit and I had no problems with wearing it along with a long sleeve base layer underneath.

In colder temperatures, the oversized hood came in handy, and I was able to keep my head additionally warm especially during brisk mornings. The one thing to note is that the hood is slightly oversized which makes it useful if you are going to wear additional head covering but, the neck covering does slightly ride up into the neck. It was not really a deal breaker for me; however, it is something to take note and consider.


Weight can be an important factor to consider especially if you are planning on doing any backpacking. The Decathlon forclaz MT100 is one of the lighter jackets I have tested weighing in around 11 oz for a large. It does not really compare to more expensive ultralight down jackets like the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 2 that is around 8.8oz.

But, for the price of the MT100 it is well worth it and it isn’t a heavy jacket by any means. I have had no problems with carrying the Decathlon on multiple of my backpacking trips.

Packability of the Decathlon MT100 Jacket


In terms of packability, the Decathlon MT100 Down Jacket easily stuffs into its left pocket and has a convenient zipper for zipping it up to the size of a football. When packed it is slightly larger but is still compressible enough to be easily packed into a hiking backpack. Overall, I would say the Decathlon Forclaz MT100 packs down to a size comparable to many other down jackets.

Zipping up the MT100 Down Jacket


The Decathlon Forclaz MT100 feels like a good quality jacket especially compared to the price you can get it at. The inside lining on the MT100 feels silky smooth and comfortable against the skin. The zipper track is a YKK system which is well known for its durability and reliability, I have used it many times without any difficulty and minimal catching. The zipper pull is on the left side which is the opposite side of most other jackets I have tested, which did take a bit to get used to. But was not really a huge deal in the function.

Overall, the jacket felt nice with no tears, rips, fabric sticking out or even out of place stitching. It is made with 15- denier polyamide fabric which is fairly durable though not as durable as others with 20 denier or even ripstop materials found on much pricier jackets.

Weather Resistance

When it comes to weather resistance, we evaluated the jackets efficacy against wind and rain. The Decathlon MT100 does have a “Durable Water Repellent” or DWR coating on it. I found the coating to be very effective for repelling light rain but after some time it does start to seep into the jacket.

When it comes to evaluating a down or puffer type jacket for weather resistance, I believe it is important to consider their use out on the field. Down or puffer jackets are specialized in insulative warmth for layering or as stopping pieces when you don’t produce as much heat. I do not really consider down or puffer jackets a great option for weather resistance. For rain and wind, you are always better off carrying a shell to layer over or using other rain gear.

The recessed cuff of the MT100


During my testing with the Decathlon MT100, I found the jacket to be fairly minimalist. It does have two zippered pockets, which are nicely sized. The hem of the jacket is adjustable which is nice for minimizing any cold drafts and cuffs are recessed which allow for light insulative layering over the wrists when wearing gloves. The jacket also comes with an oversized hood which makes a nice addition for keeping your head warm and I was able to easily layer a stocking cap underneath during colder nights.


Many companies have started to focus on sustainable sourcing for down and many other materials used in their products. Decathlon is no different, the MT100 is certified with the “Responsible Down Standard” or RDS. Which is a worldwide certification issued by an independent organization that recognizes companies that take extra standards in sustainable practices when it comes to collecting feathers for down from ducks or geese.

What Other Down Jackets Should You Consider?

Although the Decathlon MT100 is a great overall down jacket there are a lot of others out on the market that could work for your needs. Other considerations are the REI Co-op Down jacket that shares many similar features with a slightly looser fit and a more expensive price point. If looking for a really cheap down jacket that will work for slightly warmer conditions above 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the Amazon Essentials puffer jacket could be a good fit for you.

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Should You Buy the Decathlon MT100 Down Jacket?

Overall, the Decathlon Forclaz MT100 (formerly forclaz trek 100) Down jacket is a solid jacket with a light total weight, excellent features, and comfort rating. You get a high value jacket that is comparable to jackets that are 2 to 3 times the price of the Decathlon. During my testing out on the trails I found the jacket to be highly versatile to work in many conditions. Also, found the features to be adequate for many uses and fantastic for a backpacking stopping piece due to its 800-fill power.

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