Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants Review 

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The Freeflex Roll Up Pant from Kuhl boasts features that make it seem like a good option for both everyday wear and epic adventures. In this review, I will share my thoughts on the fit and feel of the pants and take an in-depth look at the specs. By the end of this post, you will know for sure if the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants are right for you!

Quick Summary: Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants

 MSRP: $99

Measured Weight: 10.7 ounces (size 0, short inseam)

Fabric: 50% Polyester, 50% New Polyester


  • Relaxed fit with plenty of stretch
  • Durable and weather resistant fabric
  • Adjustable pant legs that roll up to capri length


  • Pocket design might be small for some
  • Very lightweight not the most durable

Bottom Line 

The Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants are a good option for activities requiring freedom of movement and being out in the elements. They are not the warmest or most rugged women’s pants available but provide comfort and style that will meet the needs of most people spending time outdoors.

Performance: Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants 

When trying to find the best pair of hiking pants there are a lot of factors to consider. Depending on the season you will want either a lighter more breathable pair or a heavier and warmer pair of pants. Other things to consider are the features like belt loops, pockets, and attachment options. In addition to breathability and weather resistance. But, most importantly you want a pair that offers good comfort and mobility so your pants will work with you out and not against you when out in the backcountry.

Backpacking in the Kuhl Freeflex Roll up pants

Comfort & Mobility 

When it comes to comfort and mobility the Kuhl Freeflex Roll up pants offer unique and desirable features and easily appeal to women doing all kinds of outdoor activities. While wearing these pants I found that the relaxed fit allowed my legs to feel free to bend and stretch in any position. I could tell that when Kuhl made these pants they really considered the active woman in the design with comfort features such as: the built in drawstring, roll up ankle cuffs, large pockets, and contoured waistband with a higher rise in the back than in the front. (No plumber’s cracks here!)

I really liked the roll up feature and found it super useful during those warmer days. Also, speaking of warmer days if you should work up a sweat these pants are easily the most breathable pair of pants I have tried on so far. I have even found that these pants surprisingly hold their own in chilly weather as well. I really had the chance to test them out on a 3-day backpacking trip in February.

Thanks to the climate I encountered on the California coast, daytime temperatures were in the 40’s and 50’s (Fahrenheit). But I stayed warm even with the cool breeze blowing off the Pacific. Also, if you do lean toward the colder side like I do the relaxed fit also makes these pants a good candidate for adding your thermal layers underneath.

Overall, the Freeflex Roll Up will keep you comfy and protected from the elements as you take on your work or your play. 

Out for a short hike in the foothills

Versatility & Style 

I love finding a pair of hiking pants that can also be thrown on to go to the grocery store. And was happy to discover that the Freeflex Roll Ups from Kuhl are not only well-suited to outdoor activities, but also allow me to ditch my stiff, constrictive jeans when I run errands.

The pants are offered in 10+ colors, (I got Rainstorm), and they have paired well with even my casual footwear. These pants have the capability of transforming into capris in less than a minute by rolling up the legs and snapping the metal buttons sewn inside the pants into place. Unlike similar pants that achieve this feature with cinch cords. This design will not be tight on the calves and the pant legs will not unroll unless you unsnap the buttons.

The pockets, although adequate for my needs, are one area where these pants might not be suited for all. Both the seat pockets and the thigh pockets feature a hidden metal snap closure that is sure to keep the contents safe and dry, as long as they fit inside. My needs here were met because I stubbornly hold on to my smaller phone. Which fits perfectly in the outer thigh pockets making it easy to reach during my hikes. Then I tried out Adrian’s phone which is a little over six inches and even in the largest pocket on the thigh. Unfortunately, his phone stuck out several inches and did not allow the pocket flap to close. 

Overall, the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants are a great option for work or play that requires movement, comfort, and style. They will hold up to most weather conditions, and you will have the freedom to adjust the fit and style to your liking.


While these pants are very soft and flexible, they are not the most durable pants out there. They have performed just fine on decently groomed trails and show no signs of wear from climbing over downed trees, sitting on the ground, or crawling on my knees to take down my tent.

So, while I can’t say how these pants would hold up to rock climbing or mountaineering. They seem to withstand regular wear and tear out on the trails.

Kuhl Freeflex Roll Ups are super breathable


In regard to breathability the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants excel. Made up of all polyester these pants stay pretty airy and fresh. On warmer days these pants were able to keep my legs dry and cool the entire time on the trails. When they did get a little too warm, I found that the roll up snap button feature was awesome for extra ventilation and breathability.

One thing to note is during cooler temperatures the breathability of these pants can feel very drafty and cold. I did use the Roll Up pants during low 40’s and was comfortable, when it got into the mid 30’s I was a little cool and had to layer up.

If using these in cooler temperatures like those in late fall or winter, I would highly recommend layering with a long base layer or lightweight fleece. I tend to get cold easily though so if you are someone that runs hot you might be okay.


The Kuhl Freeflex Roll-Up hiking pants weigh 10.7 oz making it one of the lightest pair of pants I have. Not only did they keep my pack weight down while backpacking. But the material was nice and flowy which is what I like when hiking.

Demonstrating the Roll Up features

Weather Resistance 

The Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants do a nice job in the rain. I tested these pants during a multiple day backpacking with frequent showers and the water-resistant coating held up. Any heavy rains and you will still want to layer over with a pair of rain pants like these budget frogg toggs or 33,000ft rain pants to stay dry.

Good news though if you get wet in these pants, they are highly moisture wicking which I can for sure attest to. During my backpacking trip I was frequently sitting on damp logs or grass, and the fabric did not take long to dry after becoming wet. And I also noticed that they repelled dirt pretty well while hiking. Somehow, I still looked fresh when I came off the trail and had been wearing them for three days.

Like most hiking pants the Freeflex Roll Up are UPF 50+ rated. Which means these pants will only let 1/50th of the sun’s ultraviolet rays through. Basically, they work for sun protection and like most hiking pants I have tried. One cool thing, (see what I did there) is that these pants will keep you breezy during hotter weather.

Showing the side pocket features


Overall, there are a quite a few useful features on these pants. There are six pockets in total: two front pockets, two back, and two side pockets. All the pockets are large enough to store most typical hiking items. I stored my Chapstick in the front pocket and put my phone in the side pocket. I really like how you could close the side pockets to prevent water from getting in them. Only one downside is that the side pockets are not quite big enough to put larger phones in them. So, if you have a plus sized phone you might have to store it in your jacket pocket or backpack.

Other features I found useful on the Kuhl freeflex was the built in drawstring, with this I didn’t have to use the belt loops for a belt. The features I probably used the most was the quick roll length adjusters. I absolutely loved this feature for rolling up and down the pants because I am one who have difficulty deciding between shorts or pants.

What Other Hiking Pants Should You Consider?

There are a lot of good hiking pants out there. If you are looking for others with similar performance, check out these other hiking pants. The Halle Jogger II pants by PrAna are a great option if you are looking for a jogger style pant with good features. The pockets of the Halle Jogger II pants are similar in size to the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants, but they are closed with a secure zipper closure. A super breathable option that is pretty similar but less pockets would be the Outdoor Research Ferrosi pants.

Should You Buy the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up Pants?

Overall, the Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants are a comfortable and stylish option for those doing activities outside that require flexibility and protection from the elements. While not the most durable or rugged pants available, they perform well for moderately strenuous activities, or for simple errands like a grocery store run. The Kuhl Freeflex Roll Up pants have a versatility that allows them to be dressed up, or down, and are a great breathable pair of hiking pants for the trails.

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